The wine sector is increasingly comparable to heavy industries. Technological processes are ever more numerous and more complex. The overabundant regulations limit the choices more than it directs them positively. Investments are always heavier. The relationship with customers remains the sustainability of the company's keystone. You should know all these factors combine to go from ground to glass in a small project like a big.
Audivitis provides a dynamic view of the relationship with customers that adds attractiveness and profitability in your creative projects and vineyards and cellars restructuring, both in the area of independent winegrowers and winemakers of the cooperative and the industry public who find there a source of cultural and festive activities.
Experiment 1: two cooperatives approach to merge; Audivitis facilitates consideration of structural aspects of their activities; the result is a better marketing force.
Experiment 2: the independent winegrowers, in France and abroad, create or restructure their vineyards; Audivitis gives them a more complete view of their customers and investments to be made; their business becomes more profitable.
Experiment 3: many local authorities want to reconnect with a local wine past; Audivitis accompanies the ground in the first glass of wine and provides them with educational, cultural and tourist; they are proud of their vineyards and their wines.

Tip: Do not believe a wine project will succeed by simple copy of what you have seen; your customers must focus on your personality and the genius of the place.